Mathematical art

My openprocessing page : Contains simple (online) programs with their code to visualize some mathematical phenomena.

Equidistribution using the shearing effect in the hyperbolic plane:

Increasing circles in the hyperbolic plane:

Self similar sets (Animation Video and Explanatory video):

Self similar sets – stars and snow:

Waves and norms:

The sun of the octagon (saddle connections for the octagon billiard flow):

Refraction trajectories (video):

Foliation in Triangle Tiling Billiard:

Trajectories in equilateral triangles table

Spirals using powers of complex numbers:

Go here for the animated version, and here for a video with these spirals.

The orbit of the group SL_2(\mathbb{Z}) in the Poincare disc:

Shown below is part of the orbit SL_2(\mathbb{Z}) g (0), where we let g\in SL_2(\mathbb{R}) change over time. On the left g is in the diagonal group (which is why we see geodesics) and on the right it is in rotation group SO_2(\mathbb{R}) which is why we see circles. Go here for the interactive version.