My name is Ofir David and I’m (probably) a mathematician. My main research interest these days is homogeneous dynamics and its connection to number theory, with focus on the orbits of the diagonal group in the space of lattices  SL_n(\mathbb{R})/SL_n(\mathbb{Z}) and p-adic numbers.

Other than that, I am also very interested in theoretical computer science (i.e. math with computer), mathematical animation, and general connections of mathematics with other subjects.

I have a Bachelor degree both in mathematics and computer science at the Technion – Israel institute of Israel. I did my M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Mathematics also at the Technion under the supervision of Professor Eli Aljadeff, where I focus mainly on graded algebras, polynomial identities and rationality problems of fields.

During my Ph.D. I also start working on problems in the connection between number theory and dynamics (and also had a brief visit in the land of machine learning).