I am currently teaching Introduction to p-adic numbers at UZH

Courses I taught before as a lecturer at the Technion:

Courses I taught before as a TA at the Technion:

Math courses (for mathematicians):

  • Infinitesimal Calculus 2 – recitation notes (Hebrew)
  • Introduction to Metric and Topological Spaces.
  • Introduction to Group Theory.
  • Introduction to Rings and Fields.
  • Introduction to Number Theory.

Math courses (Technion International School):

  • Nonnegative Matrices – Theory and Applications.

Math courses (for all the others):

  • Calculus 1t.
  • Calculus 2t.
  • Linear Algebra 1.
  • Modern Algebra.
  • Complex Functions and Integral Transforms.

Computer Science courses:

  • Combinatorics for CS.
  • Algorithms 1.